Read this to find out about the Top 5 Water & Sensory Tables of 2017! Also, amazing things to add to the Water Table!

Top 5 Best Water & Sensory Tables of 2017

Read this to find out about the Top 5 Water & Sensory Tables of 2017! Also, amazing things to add to the Water Table!Top 5 Best Water & Sensory Tables of 2017

My son has spent the majority of the past few weeks playing with the water & sensory table. We have one at our house that we love. The grandparents have one and so does my sister in law. We spend a lot of our weekends at their house and enjoy playing with different styles of water tables. I love how water tables have become the it toy in our house. Plus, you can incorporate so many fun activities and sensory materials with water.

I am not a big fan of using sand in these tables because our table is on our deck and it gets really messy if kids use sand and they usually mix all the water into it and it just makes mushy mud-sand. So mixing water and sand is not my favorite! Which is why I have been exploring other materials to use with the water table.

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Enjoy Hours of Fun With These Water & Sensory Tables!

Kid tested and approved!

All for less than 50 dollars!

1) Splash-N-Scoop-Bay

2Step Splash-N- Scoop- Bay is the one we recently purchased for this year, and I am so satisfied with my purchase!

Why I Love this one:

I have a section I can put water and a section I can put water beads or other sensory materials and it has a top that covers it keeping bugs, animals, and extra mess out of it!

The water section include a quick drainage for easy clean-up!

There is a fun water tower that can be placed in several locations!

  • Includes a cover that fits either side, separating the sand from the water
  • Combine the water tower and mountain cover to create a waterfall
  • Cover can be used separately or together for added play
  • 7 piece accessory set includes a water tower, removable cup, slide, spinner, shark scoop, cup, and shovel/rake
  • Drain plug included

2) Sandy Lagoon Water Park

This is my second favorite one also because it is simple, takes up little space ( stores easily), and has the cover on one side. This my favorite to use with water beads because it has a little funnel that is perfect for water beads!

  • Engaging and colorful sand and water play table allows for character play and is elevated for standing toddlers
  • Put characters in floating inner tubes or have them race down twin water slides
  • Play with 2-in-1 shovel/rake on the sand beach
  • Built-in drain plug for easy cleanup
  • Includes 2 characters, 2 inner tubes, 1 shovel, 1 cup, and 1 custom-fit plastic cover

3) Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Although this one only has one compartment it has many fun interactive water play features that make this an awesome choice for a water table. It is number one seller on Amazon and falls under my under 50 dollar criteria.

  • Water play table helps develop “put-and-take” and early motor skills with fun characters
  • Drop balls down spiral, watching them go round and round and down into the water
  • Turn the Ferris wheel to scoop up and drop off balls
  • Fill the cup with water and pour into the funnel to power twin water wheel
  • Includes 1 water cup and 5 round characters that squirt water

4) Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table is not one that I have personally had the pleasure of enjoying but because it is made by 2Steps I know that is is a quality product that will be used for hours of fun! 

  • Pour water down the waterslide or spin the water wheel
  • Catapult diving board flips the swimmers into the pool
  • Includes accessory set
  • Open area to inspire imaginative water play
  • Drain plug included

5) Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table is the table we bought last year. Although I am not sure if this one still available for sell because when I looked It was sold out ( Make sure you click the picture to check for yourself! Just in case they have come back in stock) I am including this one because it has so many fun features and includes an umbrella which is a win, because making sure our kiddos are cool is a priority. 

What I Love: 

My son had so much fun with the included little swimmers who can slide, splash and swim from one water pool to the other. Several buckets are included which gave him many options when moving water from one pool to the other.

  • Send swimmers for a deep sea dive off the diving board or send them for a ride on the swinging slide
  • Scoop water into the top tier and create a tidal wave of fun!
  • Use the sea creatures to visit the mermaid lagoon or swim with the dolphins
  • Holds 2.22 gallons (8.40 L) of water in the upper activity pool and 3.24 gallons (12.26 L) of water in the lower water table
  • Umbrella included for shade to stay cool from the hot sun

Add More Than Just Water

Read this to find out about the Top 5 Water & Sensory Tables of 2017! Also, amazing things to add to the Water Table!

Water Beads


Click this to learn more about ways to include water beads as sensory play!

Worried about using water beads in water table because of small messy children but you want to learn more about them? Click here

Read this to find out about the Top 5 Water & Sensory Tables of 2017! Also, amazing things to add to the Water Table!


This material is an amazing new product that reminds me of a mixture of kinetic sand and playdoh…but it FLOATS! This makes for an amazing add-on to the water table.

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Read this to find out about the Top 5 Water & Sensory Tables of 2017! Also, amazing things to add to the Water Table!

Fine Motor Tools

These fine motor tools are amazing add-ons for any sensory tables.

It includes 4 tools that work on the toddler’s fine motor skills when picking up materials in water, sand and other sensory materials. Various hand skills are learned by using these, plus at less than 8 dollars and great quality these are a must have tools forever sensory bin or water table.

Here are a few more ideas!


Food Coloring

Bath Toys

Sand or Kinetic sand

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