Teal: Book Review & How to Use This Beautifully Illustrated Book to Teach Diversity

Teal: Book Review & How to Teach Diversity Using This Book




Renee Galvin has created a stunningly illustrated book that helps teachers and parents talk to their kids about differences. The Teal Crayon is not blue or green but his own color that brightens the world we live in. Invite your kiddos to get to know this smart little crayon who makes a big difference.

 Personally, I LOVE teal, my walls in my living room are teal, and it is my all time favorite color.  

*I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. All words are my own thoughts*  This post includes affiliate links to Amazon *

Teal makes my home a better place. Teal makes the world a better place.

Coloring a Sky or Ocean? Teal is the perfect color but this little crayon doesn’t quite know which box he should fit in.

Differences are hard to explain to kids, and expectancy of differences is a core goal most of us strive to teach to our kiddos. Teaching kids to be themselves, and not be put into a certain box. Excepting that others are different and with those differences they can create a well-rounded group that can become united even through their differences.  

 Teal by; Renee Galvin teaches kids to think outside of the box. To except peoples strengths and weaknesses and build off of them. As teachers and as mothers, this is exactly what we do with our kiddos. We don’t want to confine our kids into these boxes or labels but instead help them grow and be proud of their differences. Their differences coming together as one is what we truly love. 

Everyone has a place in the world.

Everyone has a place in your classroom. 

My First Thoughts

My first thoughts when picking up this book was that the front cover is cute, creative and lovable. What’s not to love about a cute teal crayon! Illustrations throughout the book are wonderful done, and they really make the story engaging.  Is this just going to be a cute illustrated book? I was so glad to find such an amazing story to go with the beautiful illustrations. 

The things I judge when deciding if a book is good are:


Beautifully hand drawn colorful artwork that I am absolutely in love with. All of her books have amazing art, that she does herself.


I really fell in love with this character. Although this is a short book, the illustrations gave such an inside look into this little crayon. You can’t help but love it!

Can I use this to teach something? 

As soon as I finished this book I realized this would be a wonderful book to teach differences.

You can:

  • Add to a color lesson to bring colors to life.
  • Add to a character building lesson
  • Add to diversity lesson
  • Add to morning reading
  • Teaches belonging
  • Teaches thinking outside of the box

Teal: Book Review & How to Teach Diversity Using This Book

And would this book keep the kids engaged? 

 This book is sitting on your bookshelf at home or at school. This sad little crayon calls to you ” Read my story!”. 

I think this book will keep most kids actively engaged not only with the eye catching illustrations but also because of the personable character and relation to everyday crayons and colors.


Reading level  

This book tells a lot in little words. Which is great for young readers, or book lovers who enjoy sitting down to a great colorful book.

I would categorize this as being 1st or 2nd-grade reading level. 

 Teal: Book Review & How to Teach Diversity Using This Book

 Want This Book?

Click the photo below to go straight to her Amazon Page!

This book was just sold out ( But not anymore!) and is moving its way up on the Amazon Top 100 List!

So don’t wait another minute to add this AMAZING book to your library. If this book does become sold out don’t hesitate to contact the author to ask to be on the waiting list! She told me herself that she is working hard to keep this book in stock but it is just flying off the shelf!

Don’t forget to check out her other books!




4 Responses

  1. Stacy says:

    This sounds like a very interesting book! I like that you included a picture of one of the illustrations. They look very well done! Your comment on reading level was a little vague, would you say this is preschool aged? Or is it higher? Say grades 1-2?

  2. Mai Edwards says:

    Loved your review and to ally want to go look for it at the bookstore. Would be so great for my kiddos of explaining to them about differences. It’s like this other fun book called the day the crayons quit.

  3. Jessica 🌿💜 says:

    I want to get this now for my son. I think it’s so important to teach them about differences in people at a young age!

  4. Toni says:

    Love your review of this book. And the concept of what children learn from it.

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