Amazing Sensory Activities Using Water Beads

This is a MUST READ on idea for using water beads as a sensory play tool. These bouncy,squishy water beads can be used with so many learning activities.

The Solution to Your Water Play Dilemma

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Reusable and cheap, win win!

I am going to share with you several amazing usages of water beads! As time goes on I am going to try most of these activities myself and then add my experiences and guides onto my blog. Keep your eyes out for a detailed look at water beads for Toddlers and Babies!
These little beads are made from a water-absorbing polymer and as the beads absorb water, they will grow to the size of a small marble. They are biodegradable and eco-friendly meaning if some slip off your porch into the grass it will not be toxic to the environments.

There are so many activities you can integrate this into. Including activities with older children. This is where sand, beans, rice and other sensory play materials lack. I find myself wanting to go out on the back porch and play with them by myself. They are relaxing and surpass amusing.

This is what we did with our 20,000 water beads
Safety Notice: These water beads are safe for touching and playing with but NOT for eating. If you have a little one who still puts things in his mouth, or ears then supervise very closely (as I’m sure you would anyway) or save the water beads for when he is older. Keep scrolling down to see the edible water bead ideas at the end of this post that might be better for children who put things in their mouth.


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10 Amazing Ways to use Water Beads

1. Water Beads & Shaving Cream-

This is one activity I absolutely love because it limits the bounciness but also makes shaving cream colorful. Want to reuse the water beads after just wash off in a strainer! or just toss out, because you do have 20,000 of them. Whichever is easier for you!

It is as easy as adding water beads to shaving cream!

2. Water Bead Slime-

Use your favorite way of making slime, and add the water beads for an added fun feature!

I am going to write a separate post on how to make this with my favorite method of slime. Subscribe to stay tuned!

3. Sensory Table or Water Table-

Include water creature, sand tools, really anything could be used with these fun water beads as an add-on! Get creative! I can see some little mermaids and Tonka trucks playing in these.

4.Water bead Run-

Do your big kids have a marble run laying around? Are you scared for your toddlers to play with the marbles because of the risk of choking? Fear not! Bring out that marble track and add it to your sensory table and WALA you have just made hours of fun with your littles and bigs combined.

5.Frozen Water Beads-

What a great way to cool down on hot spring & summers days. You may ask ” I could do ice cubes for free” yes but do ice cubes turn into fun bouncy squishiness when they melt? I think not!

Or just add them to your icecube tray and then put them into the sensory bin. 

6. Color Sorting-

Have your kiddo(s) sort out the colors into colored bowls or clear jars. This activity helps not only fine motor skills but color sorting and placement.

7. Hide and go Seak-

Add items into a bin with these water beads and have your littles find the items. Create a scavenger hunt list for older children to add a reading element to the game.

8. Rainbow Water Bead Jar –

After Doing the color sorting activities a new activity can be introduced and the child can now use the sorted colors to make their own rainbow in a jar!

9. Practice Fine motor development & hand eye coordination with water beads-

Have your child pick up the water beads with these Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set so my little can practice his fine motor skills. These can be used with all kinds of other activities as well!

10. GIaint Water Beads

This would also limit the chance of your child eating the water beads. These are about the same price as the smaller ones. I am ordering these now because I think it would be a fun add on with the little ones.

5 Great Ways to Use Water Beads with Big Kids & Mommies


Add some measuring tools to your sensory bin to add fun for both big and little kids.

Ask the kids about how many 1/2 will fit in 1 cup…ect.This teaches converting and measuring skills that are very important for everyone to know.

2. Therapeutic-

You can put these water beads in a feet spa therapy to add a new fun and relaxing spin to girls night. Or even Momma alone time!

3. Growing a Flower Bulb Garden-

I love this idea! What a beautiful way to teach about Springtime blooming, and a flower life cycle.

4. Science experiments-

Examples, how many cups the water beads will grow to after two, four and six hours?

How many cups will the water beads grow to after two, four and six hours?

How many water beads will fit on this boat before it sinks?

Can you make your own boat that holds _____ many water beads?

5. Glow in the Dark Water Beads-

Use the ink from non-toxic highlighters to make glow in the dark water beads. You will need clear beads for this activity!

Now for those of you who have younger babies or toddlers who are prone to putting EVERYTHING in their mouth.

No worries! I have found the solution for you as well. Click here to Learn how to entertain these littles without being worrisome.

Or if your older child is messy or you want to take them on the go with you! These are a hit with my older kiddos as well.

Looking for more in-depth ways of playing with water beads? Check out my 2-Year-old Learning Board on Pinterest for my water bead activities! Don’t forget to follow!


There are so many different water beads to choose from, even glow in the dark * Gasp*! These are the ones I got that are top sellers on Amazon and have great ratings. These are called Marvel Beads



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