#RockingMotherhood Challenge: 10 Ways I am Rocking Motherhood!

It's hard to take a moment and step back and egknowledge all the great things you are rocking as a mother. It is easy to tell ourselves we aren't doing the best or the right thing but truely we are all #RockingMotherhood#RockingMotherhood

Many thanks, to Jessica Ismar-Gaud Sawyers of Exceptionally-Ordinary for tagging me on her post. The challenge consists of creating my own post with my own 10 reasons. I, in turn, tag Shayli Cottman of Beautiful Lifestyle 582, I am still looking for two more people to tag! So if you want to share how you are rocking motherhood( cause I know you are) let me know and you will be tagged here!  The inspiration behind this challenge is to open up our own eyes to all those everyday things that tend to get swept under the rug but that when summed up, gives us a glimpse of our own worth and contribution as mothers.


                                             Challenge Excepted!

1.) Such a Happy Baby

I hear this every time we go out. Every store, every walk and every place we go I always hear ” That is a such a Happy Baby”. That has some to do with my parenting. At least, that is what I tell myself when I am feeling down.  He smiles and waves at everyone. Lincoln greets people with hello, says thank you when people hand us things. He is an overall super sweet, polite child.

By constantly practicing saying please and thank you and having him say hello and goodbye to people has made him a super friendly baby. Fist bumps are constantly given. Sometimes this makes me fearful that he is so trusting. Then for him to be fearful, and try to teach trust. Trust is a hard thing to get back, so I will let him say hi to strangers, and wave hello to a passerby. For now.

2.) He Cleans up His Toys

Clean up clean up everybody everywhere. Sing this song and Lincoln will clean up his toys. Usually. If he says no… He still ends up doing it because of my super secret methods!

Want to know my secrets? Click here! 

3) Full-time mom, Part-time Nanny

I went back to work when Lincoln was 4 weeks old. Having the big kids to help was better than sitting at home trying to do everything on my own. It was a struggle working and judging the older kids schedules with the babies schedule. I strapped the baby on and kept going. We still did ( almost) everything we did before the baby came along. We just had to take more breaks. I rocked this.

4) My Husband says I am a Hard worker, Patient, Loving, and Caring.

These are things he says I am. Which is sometimes hard for me to see. If you ask me I will tell you I’m not patient enough, not loving enough, not caring enough. I am my worse critique. To him, I am a hard worker, Patient and Loving. If I look closely I can see what he sees, but even then I find myself judging, making up reasons I am not these things.
I need to stop. We need to stop judging each other, ourselves and start enjoying and celebrating our feats. No matter how small they are!

5) Breastfed for 11 Months

The struggle was real. Now I know he has an attached upper lip which leads to breastfeeding problems. This didn’t stop me. Cluster feeding every night. Crying from hunger on car rides. Breastfeed it hard! So much harder than I thought it would be. I thought I would just have to pop my boob out and he would drink. That wasn’t always the case! Not to mention the judgmental eyes when I would breastfeed him in public. I rocked it for 11 months until Lincoln weaned himself off of the breast.

6)I Haven’t gone TOO crazy

I was already CRAZY before I became a mother. Being my husband’s worse nightmare( maybe not…but looking back now I was a pain in the butt and not sure why or how he put up with me). Maybe it was because I had a void. Who knows? Now, that I am a mother and have something to keep me busy, loved and laughing. He keeps me sane. I know that’s a weird thing to say. It’s true. He does drive me crazy some days, but it is all worth it in the end.

7)I Have Excepted Losing Friends.

When I was pregnant I dreamed of all my friends having kids and having play dates. We would talk about our kids together and laugh, drink wine. Hang out all the time. This was not a reality. Most of my friends only wanted to go out to drink at bars. I was a first-time mother. I was not able to go to bars and parties. My friends who did have kids were just as busy as me, and finding time to meet for a playdate takes A LOT of work. I have excepted that I won’t get to hang out with friends. I am perfectly happy with just spending time with my family.

My true friends will be there, and won’t mind spending time with my son as well.

8) I Keep Learning

I have always been a researcher, reader, and learner. Spending my nights reading blogs on how-to, tips and tricks and advice. I set goals for myself as a mom and goals for our family. I am currently learning to cook and learning how to blog. In order to become a better mom.Yes, I burn stuff often and I don’t make my food look like it does on pinterest…but it is still editable that’s what counts. Right?

I am rocking at it!

9) Husband and I Have Gotten Closer

We have gotten so close since I have become a mother. Now we have something to bond over, shared a love of something besides each other. We go out more, laugh more and enjoy life more now that Lincoln is around. I am rocking at being a Wife and a Mother.

10) I’m Ready for Baby #2

For a couple months we have been trying for baby # 2! I am super excited to bring another baby into our family. No matter how hard having one is and how much harder having two is. I am ready to rock it!


I want to know how you are #RockingMotherhood! Leave in the comment section below!

2 Responses

  1. Saahi says:

    Oooo, awesome challenge! Let’s see:
    1. I’m learning to “roll with the punches” rather let new challenges (i.e., speech delays, baby pneumonia, tantrums) get me down. Overcoming each new challenge brings us closer as a family!

    2. I’m trying to take care of myself more because to because I know I mean the works to my kiddos so I should eat healthy, think healthy and set a good example for them.

    3. My husband and I are learning how to work better as a unit each day. Taking turns watchinf the kids. Splitting chores. Spending quality time as a whole family on a regular basis.

    4. I can now multitask like a pro. Feed two kids at once. Example: BF one kiddo playing a game with another.

    5. I enjoy reading with my kids. Takes me to another world with them.

    6. My patience level increases on a daily basis as I’ve gotten used to tantrums.

    7. I am able to calm tantrums by learning each of my kids calming triggers (counting to ten, distractions, song singing)

    8. I watch my kids like a hawk! No injuries yet – despite their many attempts to jump off furniture, run at full speed, etc. (Knock on wood)

    9. I make time for date nights and REALLY enjoy them. Growing closer to my husband every day.

    10. I’m learning to appreciate the small things in life as I watch both of my children discover the world.

    That was fun! And a great exercise for ALL moms!

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