DIY Mamma's Toolbox with Free Printable Labels.

DIY Mamma’s Toolbox: Free Printable Labels!

DIY Mamma's Toolbox with Free Printable Labels.

Mom Life is Hectic but Your Desk Doesn’t Have To Be!

Teacher Toolboxes have been pretty popular the last couple years if you pay attention to the IG teaching community. Since I am a teacher who is currently a SAHM I long for the organizing tools and cute ideas that teachers share on IG. I decided to do a spin on the Teacher Toolbox and create a Mamma’s Tool Box.

Afterall, We are all teachers in some way aren’t we?

I am going to share with you an easy, stylish way to create a beautiful Mamma’s Toolbox to help you stay organized and resourceful.

Total Cost: 30 dollars

No one has time to shift through a kitchen drawer or messy desk to find that they need.

The first thing you need to do is to buy a Toolbox. This one is the most popular but there are a couple others that I will place at the end.

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Materials you need:

  • Spray Paint- Your choice of color but I bought a similar metallic rose gold spray paint that matches the floral labels I made perfectly. Also, goes great with my mint green office walls.
  • Printer & Card Stock Paper
  • STUFF to put in it… I love a good excuse to buy new supplies!

DIY Mamma’s Toolbox!

It was super easy to spray paint, pick any color you want. I choose the rose gold metallic. Other colors that would work would be a mint green, black, gold, silver, pink even red.

  1. Open Toolbox from packaging and take out all the plastic drawers.
  2. Place toolbox on a spray paintable surface. I used an old shower curtain but you can use a cardboard box.
  3. Paint all but one side. Let dry for several hours. Check the dry time on the spray paint can.
  4. Flip over and paint remaining side, and touching up the other sides. Let dry for required amount.
  5. Touch up Top once the bottom is dry. Let dry overnight, must keep in a well-vented area. I kept mine outside on the porch with the curtain over it once it was dry. This might have to stay in the garage for a couple days until fumes fade.

6. Print out the labels and decided which design you want for your own PERSONALIZED toolbox.

Here are your options:

Larger Drawers

  • Highlighters
  • StickyNotes
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Labels
  • Flair Pens
  • Craft Tools
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Tape
  • White Out
  • Binder Clips
  • Stickers
  • Stamps
  • Note Cards
  • Post It’s
  • Ink

Smaller Drawers: 

  • Mini Erasers
  • Erasers
  • Washi Tape
  • Paper Clips
  • Buttons
  • Sticky Tabs
  • Mics.
  • Change
  • Rubberbands
  • Box Tops
  • Binder Clips
  • Colored Pens
  • Staples
  • Chocolate
  • Ink
  • Gum
  • Mints
  • Wine Opener ( click for one that will fit!) 
  • Buttons
  • Spare Keys
  • Do Not Touch
  • Written Notes
  • Magnets
  • Candy
  • Pins

So Many Choices! What will you put in your Mamma’s Toolbox?


DIY Mamma's Toolbox with Free Printable Labels.


How to Set Up

To get these labels for free…. Scroll down to the subscription box and place your email! I promise you will not be bombarded with emails. I send out one a week, some times two. 

There are certain ones that must go together, but you can decide between several types of floral prints. Not going to lie, will be hard to choose! It helps to lay out your design.

Solution…..Buy two toolboxes!

You can pick and choose which labels best fit YOU and your space.

It is a Mamma’s Toolbox after all.  Once you decided, tape the labels on the inside of the drawer facing outward.

Finally you are ready to load this bad boy up with stuff!

Don’t have the materials? It IS back to school season… perfect time to stock up on all kinds of goodies!

DIY Mamma's Toolbox with Free Printable Labels.

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DIY Mamma's Toolbox with Free Printable Labels.

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  1. So I am a teacher and haven’t seen one of these, but it is such a cool idea! Is that a metal frame on your toolbox or a plastic one? I will be keeping this in mind for my classroom and my house!

    • Plastic! I spray painted with metallic spray so it looks like metal now. You should search them up! There are some fantastic designs!

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