I’m Not a Perfect Mommy Blogger… and That’s Okay

Learn how being a picture perfect blogger shouldn't be your goal. It's okay to show your feelings, peel off the layers of yourself and show them to the world. The World Looks Perfect on Pinterest

Scrolling through Pinterest every night has me wanting to become a cheif, expert crafter, carpenter and home designer, and perfect mom.  Heck, it made me want to start this blog. This idea of picture perfect blogging seems like such a feat for me.

With so many blogs about anything and everything I always wondered if I could do it. Could I be a blogger? Could I learn how to make web pages and beautiful images for my site?

Will I be the perfect blogger? No, defiantly not! Will it be a great learning experience? Yes, It already is.

My husband worries I will get sad because no one will like or read my blog. That’s always a possibility. To tell you the truth. I am worried more that people will read it. They will read it and judge me. Tell me all the things I am doing “wrong”.

I’m worried my pictures won’t be good enough, and words not written right. It’s okay, though. I know to step back and look at my overall goals. They are simple…

One Step Closer to Being a Good Blogger

  1. Become a better writer.
  2. Learn how to make a webpage.
  3. Learn how to create & use imagery.
  4. Learn marketing techniques.
  5. Have a reason to get creative.
  6. Enjoy myself, but also work hard.

As long as I am doing these things and learning this blog is a success.

We are living in a time where nothing is the right way and we are judged by everyone for our choices. No one is perfect, and it is so hard to feel that we are doing the “right thing” for our children and our family.

I try so hard to be an amazing mom, nanny, wife, and daughter. Probably will never be one from the outside looking in. What does that matter?  It doesn’t to strangers. All that matters is that I keep learning. Keep having new experiences.

Learning new educational games, learning new healthy recipes, new ways to integrate learning into everyday life. So when my kiddos ( kids I nanny for and My kids ) grow up they will have the skills they need to be respectable young men and woman.

So how will I handle all the pressure to be perfect?

Taking everyday as a new opportunity to learn something. Strive for getting closer to my goal of being a good blogger.

I at least want to learn more about web page design and imaging since that is something I am more interested in than writing. Writing has always been a struggle for me and as a future teacher( I have a degree in elementary education but wanted to stay home with Lincoln for few years)  I know that thinking you don’t have to learn new things is a death sentence for your career.

Why I will never be the perfect blogger.

I don’t want to be a perfect blogger or a perfect person. That’s boring, where is the fun in that? Where is the mess? The chaos, the tears and the struggles that we as mothers go through everyday. I can tell you where they aren’t in those photos. Those smiling faces, the staged photos, and the perfectly placed items.

I am new to the whole world of Instagram. I find myself constantly critiquing myself, and my photos to see if they are Instagram-worthy. Usually, they aren’t usually they are a blurring mess but they still stay on my phone because they are my mess. It may not mean anything to anyone else but it means something to me. Creating a blog is about me, of course, I want to make a difference in other people’s lives and connect with other people

Creating a blog is about me, of course I want to make a difference in other people’s lives and connect with other people, but I also have my own selfish reasons for creating this blog.

I will be ecstatic if I am even read by anyone outside of my friend’s list. ( this has already happened! I’m ecstatic!)

I wonder how I will ever measure up to many amazing articles about anything and everything you can Imagine. Picture perfect meals, and cute craft ideas. These posts have you feeling like a failure when things don’t turn out the way the photo looks.

I Have Failed a Bunch!

I am an expert Pinterest failure. My meals never look as good… easy crafts and DIYs are never so easy!

My pizza pinwheels looked more like calzones and my science experiments with the kids always fail. Maybe it’s me? I know some people can pull them off but what about the rest of us who are doing our best not to completely fall apart. Those of us who constantly feel like we are failing ourselves or our kids.

I will never claim to be a perfect mom, person, wife or human. Most the time I am borderline good at being those things. I will certainly not be a perfect blogger. I will not have perfect pictures, or perfect solutions, and probably horrible grammar.

The point of this blog is to be imperfect. Everything is a learning experience for me. Including; how to be a blogger, how to write, and how to make a webpage. These are all things I am learning from scratch. A little bit of learning because life never stops teaching.

Follow me on Pinterest! I may not be perfect at pinteresting but I do know a lot of great bloggers and woman who are!

So please share your Goals of your blog, your family and your life with me! Let us share our small feats of each day because we don’t have to be picture perfect to be amazing bloggers.

5 Responses

  1. I love this! I will never be a perfect blogger either. My blog is my little space to think about all the things that fill my head. If anyone reads then great! My instagram pictures aren’t perfect either, but then neither is life with a two year old! Keep on being imperfect, you’re doing great!

  2. Maria says:

    You’re doing just fine! Honestly i started my blog for me to be able to jot down somewhere the things that constantly linger in my head. It was a way for me to release the weight in my heart or my mind. I didn’t care if it was written grammatically correct or if i had a good amount of big words in there with hard-hitting sentences. Actually, i write what im thinking and rarely, if not, never edit! My blog is as is. Either people care to read or find anything out of it for themselves or nothing at all. I get jealous with the amazing sites out there from other bloggers because im paying premium for mine and i dont know exactly how to use it. I am also not in the state of mind to conquer lessons on html so im waiting it out..but its been a year and ive just renewed it. But i dont want to pay premium on top of what im already paying for someone else to do it for me. Because it isn’t a business site. Ill get there eventually..until then i just hope that others find strength in my words when required or heart because as a mommy blogger that blog mostly about that there’s tons of vulnerable posts i share.

    • Laura Driskell says:

      Thanks! I love your posts! If you ever want any help with the design part I would love to help. I have to hold back from changing mine just for fun!

  3. This is great. It is so easy to compare ourselves to what we see on social media. But we don’t need to. This is a very refreshing take on being proud to be yourself. A message and reminder we all need from time to time.

  4. Mae says:

    Great insights and info! Thanks for sharing! It is tough to learn all these new things to blog well, but it’s part of the fun! My blog started as a creative outlet, but I also see the potential of it becoming an avenue for revenue. It’s a lot of hard work, but that makes it all the more challenging.

    Mae | http://www.thegospelofbeauty.org

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