I Should Drink Less Coffee but I Am Not Going To. 

Do you need a cup of coffee as soon as you get up in the morning? Are you a Momster without it? Learn why I am not going to stop drinking coffee

Oh, the smell of freshly brewed coffee is in the air.

Can I have a grande caramel macchiato in a venti cup with the extra whip? I ask the local Starbucks Barista. My head is pounding, my mood is grumpy, and I am ready for my caffeine fix.  You do not want to be anyone but this barista because I will probably bite your head off.

My brain tells me I should cut back but everything else say more! I know you know what I am talking about!

Today, up to 90% of Americans drink some form of caffeine each day. Roughly 50% of us drink up to 300 mg of caffeine daily, making it the most popular drug of choice in the US.

My caffeine addiction is bad. I should limit it. This Mamma should try to cut back. I think I am going to…


But Nah.


Coffee makes my world better. Coffee is my thing. My sane potion and I love it! Give me coffee flavor anything and I will devour it. Or you can just hook me up to a coffee IV for a pure caffeine kick.


5 reasons Why I Will Not Stop Drinking Coffee


1.) Black coffee


The bad part is I like my sugar & milk with a pinch of coffee. Black coffee is what is good for you. What I drink not so much. It is a big cup of sugar with extra sugar on top. If you can stand black coffee then you are one step closer to using coffee for health benefits. What I drink is like saying a cola is healthy because it contains water.

It does have that hint of healthiness that keeps me from feeling bad that I have consumed 400 calories in one beverage.

2) It’s My One Thing

Drinking coffee is my one thing. I don’t smoke, once in a Blue moon drink a glass of wine and am not so much into materials or beauty services. I’m pretty plain but boy oh boy do I love coffee. It’s my one thing that I enjoy consuming. I don’t do sodas or lots of other sweets just coffee…lots of coffee.

So I tell myself I can have this one thing even if it has one million calories and keeps me hyped up all day.

3) Bring on the Dopamine

If you didn’t know natural dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, sex drive, emotional states, motivation, movement and experiencing pleasure and reward. When caffeine is inhaled, that’s how I drink mine, it creates a pleasure response by inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine which has the effect of increasing activity at dopamine receptors in the brain.

4)My Happy Potion

According to authority nutrition and my personal experience, coffee decreases depression and increases happiness. The reason behind this is because of the release of dopamine.

You do not want to be near me when I don’t have my coffee. Heck, I don’t even want to be near me when I don’t have coffee. Lock me in the bedroom and don’t let me out. Don’t forget the “beware momster inside” sign!

There is a reason mommas love our coffee. It makes putting up with our little crazy monsters much easier!


5) Proven to increase exercise

If I haven’t had a cup of coffee you will not get me off the couch, without a fight. Pour me a cup of my happy potion and I am ready. Let’s get productive, oh want to walk, run and play kids! Yes, let’s do it! We have about a 6-hour window until in need more potion. Or it’s game over for this momma!

I Will Start:

1) Drinking more water

I can go all day without drinking any water. Only coffee. Tons of it. I need to drink more water. Recently I and my husband started our own little mini water challenge. We said we needed to drink 4 bottles of water a day.

Um. I am slacking on that. Can I drink 8 bottles of coffee…the math works out. Right? Coffee is made with water, my Keurig is proof!

I need to keep working it.

2) Exercising more

So caffeine is supposed to make you want to exercise more. The only problem is it’s awfully hard to drink hot coffee on a morning run. I have tried and failed. Once I start drinking more water I will be able to exercise more.

3) Eat healthier

The latte and cappuccino I drink are loaded with sugar. I have nothing against sugar, but I don’t want to fill up on it. Which I end up doing. I sometimes go the whole day without eating anything just drinking coffee. Then I sit down at the end of the day trying to think what I had, oops! Nothing of nutritional substance was entering my body.

I am doing better about eating with the children now. Trying to fix everyone’s food and keep things clean leaves me with no time to eat. I want to eat healthier and sit down with kiddos to eat.

4) Limit my overall caffeine intake.

With me wanting to get pregnant me soon being pregnant. I worry that I will be taking in too much caffeine and once I need to cut back my Momster will not be able to be tamed. Pair that with pregnancy hormones and all hell will break loose. Poor husband.

5) Try to save money

Okay. Let’s do some more math. Actual math this time. I drink Starbucks 5 times a week at least! 5×5( let’s round up because sometimes I get 6 a week) 25 dollars a week that are 100 a month on coffee! At Least! Not to mention when I use my Keurig or other coffee shops.

With us wanting another baby, I won’t have the option to spend 25 dollars a day on coffee no matter how happy it makes me.


So I will have to cut back some. I will never get rid of my love and depend on coffee. I’m okay with that and you should be too!


Do I want to know how are you when you haven’t had your coffee?

12 Responses

  1. Becky says:

    I might not be a coffee drinker (or caffeine at all) but I definitely have my vice’s. It does become harder when you’re trying to budget down, but I am good with giving up other things, lol. I, too, am horrible when it comes to drinking water! It’s something i’m working on. 🙂

  2. MamaBee says:

    I don’t function without coffee. And with a caramel macchiato obsession myself, cutting back does not seem likey. 😂

  3. Steph says:

    Keep doing you mama! Coffee is awesome

  4. Stephanie says:

    I wish I like coffee. Days like today, it would be great when I can barely keep my eyes open.

    • Laura Driskell says:

      Even with the coffee, I drank today I was still dragging all day! I probably needed like 5 cups to have enough energy for today!

  5. Coffee drinker here! Sometimes it is the simplest things that bring us so much joy….coffee is one of those things for me!

  6. Melody says:

    I NEED my coffee in the mornings! I do like it pretty close to black though so I can tell myself that it’s actually okay for me LOL I am trying to limit myself to only a few cups a day and I’m also trying to drink more water and exercise. Good luck with your coffee journey!

  7. Ant says:

    Whatever *almost* gets you through the day! Sometimes I’m so exhausted that coffee does nothing for me…the only thing that will work is looking forward to napping when the little human does.

  8. No, lol, you don’t want to know me without caffeine. #coffeeislife

  9. Working Mum says:

    Great post, I don’t even drink coffee but you had me sold! I used to have a cafe and cigarette at least five times a day when I lived in France then stopped when I left, clearly I am very swayed by the power of suggestion 🙂 Like that chart you included with all the stats on the illnesses…where did the information for that come from? I know many people who would like that!

  10. angie says:

    never thought that coffee had so many good health properties. This is great and I plan to enjoy my cup a day
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  11. Dilraz says:

    I so understand it. This is how i feel about coke..errr coca cola! But i am trying to cut it down!

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