5 DIY Tips When Painting with Kids Home


Tips for painting when kids are home

Renovating a home seems like an endless job. Add kids to the mix and that task just went from months to what feels like a lifetime. Will your home even be done by the time the kids go off to college? I have learned the perfect way to get the painting done while my son is still home!

Trying to send kids off to grandparents’ house or paying for a sitter every time you want to do a painting project is outrageous. Plus, when the kids are away the last thing you will want to do is paint.


  1. Three words: Press’n and Seal 

   What’s worse than painting with Kids around? Having to wash brushes and rollers. If you are clever you wrap paint with a grocery bag and hope it will keep the air out! I have learned to save time by covering paint with Glad press’n seal! Genius, right?!

Whenever I get a moment where my son Lincoln is playing independently I go to the room I am working on and paint. I might get 5 mins, 20 mins or even 35 but at least I am getting something done on my project. Once my son needed my attention again I would place my press and seal back on my bucket with paintbrush inside.

  1. Use No-VOC paint 

This is sort of a no-brainer. Buy paint with no VOC, which is what causes the paint to have fumes. Does this paint still have a small amount fumes? Yes, but this paint is nothing an open window and fan can’t handle. Also, this paint is made with primer so you don’t have to prime your walls first!

I wouldn’t recommend painting in the same room as baby or toddler or children due to messes they might cause anyways! I always put a gate right beside the door so Lincoln could come get me and I could hear and see anything going on.

  1. Use an Edging Paintbrush 

I learned this saves a lot of time that I didn’t have to tape, nor did I have to worry about a toddler coming behind me and pulling it off. This is a practiced skill but after one short YouTube video on “cutting” I could paint all the edges of windows, walls, and ceiling without the extra hassle or cost of tape that might or might not work!

  1. Do One Section at a Time 

This is where people make a mistake. Painting with children home is a whole other ballgame than painting in general. You can’t just move everything out of the room and paint. You will probably need that room an hour later. If not sooner! Here are the steps I took when painting a room.

  • Sand 2-3 walls at least.  It may be better to sand all the walls but I wasn’t always able to.
  • Vacuum and wipe down those walls
  • Calk! An important step that sometimes is overlooked… trust me makes a HUGE difference.
  • One coat on baseboards & windows 
  • Edging on a ceiling with edging brush.
  • Edging on wall next to molding and baseboards
  • Paint walls for the first coat.
  • Second coat on baseboards and molding you should wait till the first wall is dry to begin but shouldn’t be long. This will cover up any edging mistakes you made.
  • Paint wall a second time.
  • Touch up! 
  • Third coat on molding and baseboard if desired. 
  • Let dry and move furniture over to do other walls repeat steps.

If you have help painting this process goes fast and you might not have to section it up but if you have a toddler wanting a snack every 5 min this takes a while but it’s still the fastest way I have tried so far.

  1. Do not have children around. 

I know this blog is about how to paint with them around but sometimes the fastest way to get things started is to do them while kids are away. Then once you are motivated to do another room this is when painting with them home come in!

Send them away to grandparents for a day, I know I did. I got alone time with my husband and we got to enjoy rocking out while painting. Probably one of the best dates we have had in the past two years.

Secret tools for painting when kids are home:

1.)Angled Edging Brush Handy 
2.)Paint Cup
3.)Ziplock bag

To put paint brushes in-between uses. I put mine in the fridge, in the bag, if I am not going to be painting for a few days.

4.)Paint Pourer

I never liked having to open the paint bucket every time I had to pour. Leaving it open with dogs and kids around is too risky. This allows me to pour easily, quickly and cleanly. For less that 3 dollars and reusable, it is a must have item.

5.)Press’n seal

Seal up your paint cup with this. I use this product for lots of things. I even use it to create spill resistant cups. It is one of my favorite tools!

Nothing more motivating than seeing one room look amazing and then beginning to think about what the other rooms will look like with a fresh coat of beautiful color!


Let’s learn more…but first, make sure you remember this by pinning on Pinterest!

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8 Responses

  1. I do a lot of painting artistically as I’m an artist. That paint can be even more toxic than home paint. These are some great tips for keeping kids safe, thanks for sharing!

    • Laura Driskell says:

      I wish I art a space for working on my art… I love painting for pleasure but it has become just one of those things I used to do before I had a child! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Ashley says:

    Tip Number 5 is the best! No kids around to get mucky. I have used that press n’ seal trick too and it works really well. Great tips!

    • Laura Driskell says:

      Yes, no kids around at all is ideal… to bad we don’t always get ideal! Thanks for reading!

  3. I love the edging brush and the press and seal options! I have used these when I paint and they are so helpful!

    • Laura Driskell says:

      They are! They were such time savers! You know we don’t have enough time as it is!

  4. Devon says:

    This is super helpful. I’m actually getting ready to do some painting in my house. I have three little helpers too.

    • Laura Driskell says:

      So glad reading this was helpful! It was a time and stress saver for me! I was able to keep motivated because I didn’t have to take a lot of time cover everything up.

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