5 Quick Ways to De-clutter Toys

Tired of toys taking over you home?

I am going to share a few tips I have learned to keep the clutter at bay. Let’s be honest…most of us have way too much stuff! Fewer toys are more beneficial to your child’s imagination, growth, and learning. It’s good for your sanity too.

Overwhelmed are children, especially ones under 5, who have too many toys.   These children actually play less than those with fewer toys. It may even harm their development. Not only does it stress out mamma, but kids can’t get stressed out as well and have trouble choosing something to play with.

Claire Lerner, a childhood development researcher with Zero to Three,  Research that the US government funds, to run pre-school educational programs across America has done research to prove that less is more.

“Our studies show that giving children too many toys or toys of the wrong types can actually be doing them harm. They get overwhelmed and cannot concentrate on any one thing long enough to learn from it,” said Lerner.

British research backed up the study by, looking at children with relatively few toys whose parents spend more time reading, singing or playing with them. It showed such children surpass youngsters from more affluent backgrounds – even those who had access to computers.

Does your child get distracted easily? Go from one toy to another quickly without engaging in imagination play. Having fewer toys might be the solution.

Kathy Sylva, professor of educational psychology at Oxford University, reached her conclusions from a study of 3,000 children from the ages of three to five. She said:

“When they have a large number of toys there seems to be a distraction element, and when children are distracted they do not learn or play well.”

I enjoy getting rid of old toys before Christmas and birthdays, to make room for new toys. This helps the house stay decluttered.  There is no need to keep toys that the kids might some day use… but truthfully those nick-nack toys will never truly be played with. Just thrown from one area to the next.

Decluttering my stuff that is another issue, for another day.


Here are 5 Quick Ways to De-Clutter Toys.

Start today!

1. Throw away, or give broken or cheaply made toys away.

Throw away, or give old broken and cheaply made toys away. These toys get thrown around on the floor, to get to the other favorite toys. The toys that are not played with are just taking up space, and making it harder to clean up.

2. Have a place for everything.

Have a place for everything and make sure the child knows where that place is. There are some great freebie labels to help get organized! Add me on Pinterest to know my favorite toy organization Pins.

3.  Take pictures with kids playing with toys. Do not get attached to toy…

Take pictures with kids playing with toys. Do not get attached to the toy…Do you just love the stuffed animal they got for Valentine’s Day 3 years ago? Taking a picture will keep the memory and not the unused toy.

4. Donate.

Donate before every holiday and birthday if you child gets more toys than they can appreciate or enjoy. Join your local pay if forward Facebook page. Great way to get rid of stuff without having to take it to goodwill. Personally, I rather give it straight to the person who needs it instead of giving it to goodwill where they can make a profit from my donation.

5. Less is more.

Let your child imagine.. they need the newest sparkly toy when they are happier with a box.

We follow these tips even though I am the one who wants to get to cool new toys for Lincoln.  This mom still prevail! I am trying to explain to my kiddos that they don’t need a hoverboard and try to use the three-day rule with everything.

5 Quick Ways to De-clutter Toys

Need help getting the child(ren) to clean up their own messes? Check out this blog

I want to know… How bad is your toy explosion?

Let’s get to donating!

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